Update 03/03/2003

I've only managed to work on this project 4h in 10 days... at this speed i guess the game may be finished when my not yet born son would play it...
Anyway, i've thrown away all the allegro blitting stuff, now it is alleggl only. here is a WIP version...
Download WIP version

Update 17/02/2003

As for the moment my Job is quite boring, and doesn't take too much of my time, i have respawned my game project. Lot of dust on the web page, but more on the source as i haven't touched the source for one whole year, since i started this Job in fact ..
So i'm alone, as always (no artist), so i don't know where it will go... I'm pretty sure i'm writing that for myself, anyway if someone read that, drop me a mail :-)

I intend to add some of the nice tricks i've learned using OpenGL.. So first i have thrown away the allegro renderer. Let's stick with AllegroGL.

First obviously i am going to clean this messy code of mine, and to remove all the obscure parts.

advancement report: